Austin Mini – The Legendary Classic Car

Austin Mini



This project actually began many years ago when I could spare some time and money, and thought if the mini was left neglected much longer it may end up a heap of rust. So began the probing, as to whether the car should be partially restored bodywise, or needed major work done to its mechanics as well, to make it road worthy.

The car was in a sad state with lots of dirt accumulated over the years. It seemed a daunting task to begin with after we rescued it from under discarded houshold clutter and unwanted toys. The tyres had deflated and we tried pushing it to see if it could move, but the brakes had jammed. There were rust holes which needed to be filled and panels needed to be welded. All in all, we figured that a lot of effort was needed to bring it back to life. Although I had garaged it in running condition, it had not been used for over two decades and was now in obvious need of much attention.

Well, we decided to rebuild the body and do the mechanical repairs as required for it to start running again.


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